Pastries in Mercier

Our pastry chefs are experienced culinary masters. Visit Boulangerie DJ Martinez!

We have a passion for delicately baked goods, desserts and cakes.

Your Local Pastry Shop

Boulangerie DJ Martinez offers some of the most delectable treats in the region. Taste our wide variety of traditional and trendy pastries at your local bakery!

Using quality ingredients, our pastry chefs create freshly baked goods for breakfast or to enjoy as dessert. You'll also find a variety of breads and celebration cakes in our shop.

Baking gourmet cupcakes

Pastry Mercier
Pastry Mercier

Pastry Experts

Boulangerie DJ Martinez specialises in handmade pastries and sweets. Our pastry chefs have mastered the art of baking and understand how each ingredient works in a recipe.

All our cakes are baked with passion and devotion to satisfy gourmet lovers. Drop by for a slice of delicious Boston cream pie, chocolate mousse or black forest!

Providing authentic Canadian pastries


Our Breads Include:

  • White sourdough bread
  • Cheese bread
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Raisin bread
  • Multigrain cereal bread

Don't miss the opportunity to taste one of our Canadian delights.

Boulangerie D J Martinez

894 Boulevard St-jean-baptiste,

Mercier J6R 2K8


(450) 691-5700